Drainage Analysis

Methods for preliminary drainage pattern review have historically relied on data provided by the county that was collect many years prior. As such, this data can often be outdated or simply not accurate to begin with.

HHE can fly a 400+ acre site and have enough data gathered to analyze the site by the next day.

High Resolution Orthomosaic

Today it seems like everyone produces high resolution aerials. However, it takes a comprehensive set of skills as well as a comprehensive set of tools to make the "picture worth a thousand words".

HHE's drones are equipped with hardware that allows us to position the drone with in 1/2 of an inch horizontally and vertically. Starting with the best data allows us to produce the best data. The fully scalable high resolution orthomosaics that we are able to produce have survey level accuracy and allow us to make more informed design decisions on each project

Volume Calculation

One of the most complex calculations throughout large site design is volume calculations. Earth moving, subbase, and topsoil calculations can be very difficult and time consuming through traditional survey. Additionally, if irregularities in the stockpile are not gathered through the survey, accuracies are lost. This can lead to expensive change orders or high tensions among disagreeing parties.

Through complex software and our survey grade drone, HHE has the ability to calculate any type of volumes that we deal with in the civil/landscape worlds with accuracies and speed that exceeds typical methods.

Construction Observation
& Virtual Tours

Throughout the entire construction process, pictures with metadata make for the best documentation. As such, at HHE we can both fly sites or walk sites and create 360-degree panoramas throughout the duration of the project. This allows all stakeholders to be well aware of the progress that has been made and can be used as great marketing pieces.

Additionally, HHE can superimpose any new design elements including Architectural elements with 360 panos of the existing surroundings to give the owner a good understanding of the scale and relativity of the design prior to ever starting the construction.

Comprehensive Drone Services

HHE can offer more to our clients through drone services then our competitors thanks to being able to perform every step inhouse. From planning out the flight to executing the final output, our team does it all leaving no room for miscommunication. Having performed drone operations for several years now, we understand how to capture data during the flight such that we can produce the final output in the shortest amount of time and expense to the owner.


HHE's ability to produce 3D models of proposed sites goes far beyond the capabilities of any of our competitors. And it all begins with the drone. Through high end photogrammetry we can stitch together the data gathered from the drone to make a comprehensive virtual model of all the existing site elements. Pan, zoom, and orbit around in the adjacent pane to get a better idea of what a this looks like.

Furthermore, where creating a full virtual model of a designed site, HHE would edit this model to eliminate features that will be altered as part of the project. The removed feature would then be replaced without highly accurate site model and elements.